Proof Liberty Seated Half Dimes

proof Liberty Seated Half DimeProof Liberty Seated Half Dimes have been struck for each year of the series, although it was not until after 1857 that proof issues were struck in higher quantities and sold to collectors.

The first year of issue for the series in 1837 is the most common for the earlier proof coins with an estimated 20 pieces struck. Other issues from the 1840’s and early 1850’s had as few as five pieces struck and usually only a few survive in all grades. The proof coins from after 1857 were minted in higher quantities and are usually available, although striking qualities vary.

A complete set of proof Liberty Seated Half Dimes is possible to for the later dates with only some difficulty, but the early dates have proven to be so rare that complete sets are seldom formed or even come close to completion by the time they are sold.

Proof Liberty Seated Half Dime Mintages

1858 300
1859 800
1860 1,000
1861 1,000
1862 550
1863 460
1864 470
1865 500
1866 725
1867 625
1868 600
1869 800
1870 1,000
1871 960
1872 950
1873 600