1838-O Liberty Seated Half Dime, No Stars

The 1838-O Liberty Seated Half Dime, No Stars was the first branch mint issue of the series and the only issue of this subtype (no stars on obverse) struck at the New Orleans Mint, which had opened during the previous year.

After the initial year of release in 1837, the obverse design of the Seated Liberty Half Dime had been altered to add thirteen stars to the obverse. All coins struck in Philadelphia in 1838 carried the new obverse. However, only dies of the old type had arrived at the New Orleans Mint in May of 1838.

Approximately 70,000 half dimes of this issue were produced and nearly all circulated heavily. Uncirculated examples are very rare and always in demand, but even problem-free circulated pieces are not easily found.

It has been estimated that perhaps twenty 1838-O half dimes have survived in uncirculated grades. An example graded NGC MS65 sold for $28,750 at an auction held in January 2004.